Helitreck in Tasmania Jan-Mar 2021

Since January this year, Helitreck has been operating in Tasmania, supporting the Tasmania Fire Service and the Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Services. The contract has seen us based out of Cambridge Aerodrome  with a BK117B2, which is Bambi bucket and winch equipped, with a full time pilot and crewman. We have also supplied a [...]

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Antarctica 2013-2014

On Saturday 15 March, one of our BK117s returned from a four month tour to Antarctica in support of Japanese Antarctic research. During the 2013-2014 summer period, helicopter VH-FHD was sub-contracted to support the JARE 55 expedition to Antarctica. The BK117 helicopter met the Icebreaker Shirase in Fremantle in late November. From here they [...]

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Fire Season 2014 – 2015

With some hot, dry weather around at the moment, Helitreck have begun preparations for the 2014-2015 fire season by assisting with aerial ignition and providing water bucketing machines in support of hazard reductions around Sydney. Increased smoke activity is common around this time of year with the fire agencies conducting a number of hazard [...]

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Tasmania Deployment 2016

Since January, Helitreck has deployed three BK117 helicopters to Tasmania to assist in protecting the southern state. The helicopters have been requested by Tasmania Fire Service and Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Service and utilised in support of their fire fighting efforts. Our crews have provided aerial fire suppression, as well as transporting and winching [...]

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