Despite the natural reluctance of anglers to reveal the location of the very best spots, “The Hut” has become one of the trout fishing world’s best unkept secrets.

Three glorious, priceless days and two nights of rustic comfort in stunning, unspoiled World Heritage listed wilderness … traditional bush roasts, fresh country vegetables, steaks and fish … fine wine and good company, or perhaps a single day is more to your liking … all just a spectacular, 30 minute helicopter ride from Sydney … and modestly priced into the bargain. There has to be a catch…

There is – and plenty of them! Handsome, fighting-fit, wild trout weighing in at an average of one to two kilos and more often than not, much more.

Standing at the junction of the Kanangra and the mighty Cox rivers, both teeming with rainbows and browns, The Hut is all but inaccessible. That’s what makes it the anglers paradise it is and puts the quality of it’s fishing experience right up there alongside the best New Zealand has to offer.

When you’ve fished these fresh, pure, yet challenging crystal waters, you’ve really fished.

When you step into the Hut, you step back through time to 1862 when Thomas Brennan, the builder of the original hut surveyed the result of three years’ toil with satisfaction and lit his first fire.

Luxurious it isn’t, but with it’s rammed earth floors, open fires, bush showers and bunk beds, this original Cattlemen’s hut has a degree of comfort, warmth and charm that makes it the perfect antidote to the ever growing fever of the modern world.

Your hosts have been taking groups of anglers (up to 4 guests can be accommodated at a time) into exclusive fishing retreat in the heart of the remote Kanangra Gorge for over 2o years, so you couldn’t be in better company.

Legendary bush roasts and steaks … local bush know-how and natural, Aussie hospitality … good company and fine wine … the startling, sparkling morning freshness of a bush shower … then smell of bacon wafting through the stately gums … the sound of rushing water …

It adds up to a truly unique and rare experience that you will never forget and almost certainly, like so many of our guests, find yourself returning to savour time and time again.

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