Since 1999, Helitreck has operated as a contractor to NSW Rural Fire Service on a variety of taskings, gaining valuable experience in aerial fire suppression in turn making us leading industry professionals.

Helitreck’s pilots and crewmen are seasoned veterans, working alongside NSW Rural Fire Service and National Parks & Wildlife Service. Helitreck’s crew have thousands of hours of accident-free experience – inclusive of longlining, winching and water bombing operations.

A BK117 provides a fire manager with a multi-role, easily re-configurable aircraft. This type of aircraft can be used for water bombing operations with up to 1,000L of water and retardant, transporting firefighters with full kit or additionally inserting or extracting crew during remote area firefighting operations.

Our UH-1H helicopter is a specialised water bombing machine, capable of delivering 1,200L of water and retardant. As an ex-military helicopter, it is in the “Restricted” category and thus not utilised for passenger transport..