Bambi Bucket waterbombing is the tried and effectively tested aerial fire suppression system for aerial water and retardant delivery that Helitreck employs for aerial firefighting.

The SEI Bambi Bucket is an important component to any aerial fire suppression exercise. It is one of the many aerial fire fighting tools that are used by Helitreck.

The SEI Bambi Bucket’s advantage is that it provides a shorter fill, ferry and turn around time as well as delivering more accurate and concentrated drop patterns, with less evaporation than tank systems. By utilizing a longline and bucket, our helicopters can access water in tight streams and canyons, and dispense water without having downwash fan the fire.

We can supply operations with the SEI Powerfill 2 snorkel and pump system to allow fast filling in shallow water, or dry conditions with the ability to fill in less than four inches of water.

Bambi Bucket
Bambi Bucket - Helicopter Fire Fighting 01