Significant Others TV Series Poster

Helitreck helicopters recently starred in the TV Series ‘Significant Others’ on ABC TV and ABC iView.

BK117 Helicopters like ours are perfect search and rescue helicopters for TV and Movie use and can also be fitted out as medical helicopters, and as such were the perfect fit for search and rescue or evacuation scenes.

Our aircraft, pilots and crew can perform various roles during filming, including on the ground and in the air, as both props and in action scenes which included day and night flying operations as directed by the producers.

Significant Others follows a family struggling to piece together their lives after a loved one vanishes. Will the uncertainty and emotional upheaval rebuild them or tear them further apart?

A powerful lineup of Australian talent, the exciting ensemble cast of Significant Others includes newcomer Zoë Steiner and rising star Gulliver McGrath (Hugo) as Sarah’s children, alongside Rachael Blake (Lantana), Alison Bell (The Letdown) and Kenneth Moraleda (Janet King) as Sarah’s siblings and Jacqueline McKenzie (Savage River) as Sarah. Rounding out the ensemble are Todd McKenney (Strictly Ballroom), Rarriwuy Hick (Cleverman), Diana Popovska (Rake), Alan Dukes (Operation Buffalo) and Fayssal Bazzi (Stateless).

The series sees the first collaboration between award-winning screenwriter and playwright Tommy Murphy and series director Tony Krawtiz who drew on personal experience to create the moving and powerful series.

Stream from October 16 2022 on ABC iview or ABC TV:

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