Helicopter crane services can easily lift a variety of construction materials, swimming pools and spa pools into both normal and difficult access locations in existing homes or on construction sites.

Helicopter cranes are very stable and create mobile lifting platforms when flown by highly skilled Helitreck helicopter pilots.

Using a helicopter crane allows for a variety of difficult access locations to be handled with ease that a traditional crane could never access.

Helicopter cranes provide multiple lifting tasks in an efficient and cost effective manner,  transporting not just the spa or pool, but also loads of associated equipment such as heavy timber decking and landscaping materials.

A big advantage of helicopter crane services is that it allow spa and pool sales companies to sell to clients that would otherwise not have the ability to install the units due to difficult access for traditional crane hire companies.

Another advantage of using a helicopter cranes over traditional cranes is the time and cost saving, with the majority of helicopter crane jobs being completed within 30-40 minutes at the building site.

Helitreck helicopter crane services regularly conduct tree and rubbish removal as an alternate to traditional crane hire. Helicopter cranes are often used by tree lopping companies to remove tree debris from difficult to reach areas that normal crane services would not be able to reach.

Helicopter Crane Lifting Building Materials

Helicopter Crane Lifting Jobs Conducted by Helitreck

Lifting Art and Sculptures 

Helitreck helicopters recently assisted a client with the installation of a delicate artwork sculpture on to the balcony of their Sydney Harbour home. The property is located on shallow waterfront, so access by barge crane via the water wasn’t an option, and the street access was too far away to reach with a cost effective land based crane (which would also have meant closing the street for many hours).

Helicopter used for this lifting job was VH-FHB a Kawasaki BK 117 B2 

Art Installation by Helicopter in Sydney

Lifting Spa Pools  

On 14th December 2021, Helitreck carried out the installation of 2 spa pools and removal of an old spa in Brooklyn NSW. Due to the size and weight of the spa pools, the costs to transport and install land based lifting equipment (and time involved) made the use of a BK117 a much more cost effective and efficient option. With 1 pilot and 2 ground crew, the total time was 2 hours.

Helicopter Used for this job was a BK117  VH-FHD

Helicopter Crane Spa Lift Brooklyn NSW 04

Installation of Footbridge

Helitreck carried out the delivery and placement of the Popes Glen footbridge in Blackheath using a UH 1H. The precision placement was carried out in very gusty winds with 1 pilot and 2 ground crew. Total time was 4 hours.

Helicopter Used for this job was a UH 1H Huey – VH LUE

popes glen footbridge upgrade helitreck