Helitreck is proud to serve clients across a variety of industries, including Aerial Fire Suppression, Corporate Charter, Flood Relief, Search and Rescue, Film and Television, Specialised Lifting, Mining and Construction.

Our expertise, combined with a comprehensive Safety Management System ensures that our clients are receiving the safest industry leading aerial solutions, even in the most challenging of situations and environments.

Arial Fire Suppression

Arial Fire Supression

Since 1999, Helitreck has operated as a contractor to NSW Rural Fire Service on a variety of taskings…

Corporate Charter & VIP

Corporate Charter

Operating out of Sydney, Helitreck offer a one of a kind helicopter charter service to suit your VIP…

Film & Television

Film & television

Helitreck pilots are high time, skilled professionals, who understand the film industry’s cinematic…

Flood Relief

Flood Relief

At Helitreck, our specialised helicopters have large internal cargo areas with the capability to carry…

Search & Rescue

Search Rescue

Based at Bankstown Airport, in Sydney NSW, Helitreck has three winch-equipped BK117s available for ad-hoc…

Helicopter Lifting

Specialised Lifting

Our pilots are experienced in precision helicopter lifting and longline techniques, and with the option…

Helicopter Winching


Helitreck Pilots, Winch Operators and Down-the-Wire Crewmen have extensive experience operating in some…

Helicopter Fishing

Helicopter Trout Fishing Trips

Discover “The Hut” which has become one of the trout fishing world’s best unkept secrets….

Helicopter Crane

Helicopter Crane

Helicopter cranes allow for access to difficult locations traditional cranes cant reach….