Affectionately known as “Louie the Fly”, our UH-1H is the heavy lifter.

An ex-military helicopter, this Huey is one of the “Restricted” category meaning it is not available for passenger charter.

The Huey is used extensively to carry out heavy lifting jobs year-round as well as assisting with aerial fire suppression. This aircraft is complete with a maintenance support vehicle and qualified engineer to ensure the helicopter runs to its full capacity at all times.

Helitreck_UH 1H VH-LUE

Specifications of UH 1H
Required Crew: 1
Cruise Speed: 100kt
Fuel Capacity: 750L
Fuel Consumption: 340L/hr
Endurance: 2hr
Range: 400km
Max. Take-off Weight: 4,318kg
Max. Take-off Weight with External Load: 4,318kg