Helitreck pilots are high time, skilled professionals, who understand the film industry’s cinematic requirements and also the fine choreographic timing that is often demanded.

Our pilots’ broad flying experiences have contributed to developing smooth flying techniques that produce the best quality footage.

We can also assist with location scouting, external load construction of film sets, crew and equipment transfer, and arrange temporary paint schemes on our helicopters if desired.

Our film and television experience include, but is not limited to:

Significant Others
Thirteen Lives Movie
– The Great Gatsby
– Optus “Live More Yes” commercial
– The Biggest Loser (Season 9)
– Sydney Tower Eye 4D Cinema Experience
– Australia’s Next Top Model
– The Mole (Spain)
– Subaru Commercial
– All Saints (Season 12)
– Farmers Commercial
– Rexona “Stunt City” commercial