Helitreck owns and operates five Kawasaki BK117B2 and one Kawasaki BK117C1 helicopters.

With their high manoeuvrability and compact size to other medium-sized helicopters, BK117B2s are ideal for confined area bush work, as a search and rescue platform, for precision lift work or VIP charter.

Helitreck was the first company in the world to adopt the Honeywell LTS101-850B-2 engine upgrade, in 2009. The upgrade provides increased take-off power and better performance in hot and high conditions. Additionally, the upgrade substantially improves One Engine Operative (OEI) performance for Category A conditions, offering a higher level of safety and reliability.


Specifications of VH-FHB
Required Crew:
Passenger Capacity: 9
Internal Cargo Space: 3.72m²
Cruise Speed: 125kt
Fuel Capacity: 720L
Fuel Consumption: 280L/hr
Endurance: 2hr 20m
Range: 541km
Max. Take-off Weight: 3,350kg
Max. Take-off Weight with External Load: 3,500kg

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