On 14th December 2021, Helitreck carried out the installation of 2 spa pools and removal of an old spa in Brooklyn NSW. 

Project Summary

After 20 years operating as a B&B, the property in Brooklyn had recently undergone extensive maintenance and restoration works, with the final touches being to install 2 new spa pools and remove the old unrepairable spa pool from the rooftop deck area.

Due to the size and weight of the spa pools, the costs to transport and install land based lifting equipment (and time involved) made the use of a helicopter crane a much more cost effective and efficient option.

Helicopter Lift Details
A total of 3 helicopter crane lifts were required:
Lift 1 – 500kg – Small Spa Lifted to lower level deck
Lift 2 – 750kg – Large Spa lifted to the rooftop deck
Lift 3 – 500kg – Old spa removed for disposal

The helicopter crane used for this lifting job was VH-FHD a Kawasaki BK 117 B2 Twin Engine Helicopter

Helicopter Loading and Lifting Location
The spas were delivered to the property in Brooklyn by barge, and the helicopter was loaded on site from a helipad located on the property.

Provision Of Riggers
Two riggers were provided by Helitreck.
One rigger set up the sling and established the loads at the ground floor.
The other rigger was at the installation location to safely land the loads and unsling.

Two-way radios were used for communication between the Helitreck pilot and the riggers.

Mission Timeframe
Safety briefing – 10.30am
First Lift – 11.30am
Mission Completion – 12:30pm
Duration – 2hrs

Special Thanks To
Mitch for his assistance on the day.