20th May 2021 Helitreck carried out the delivery and placement of the Popes Glen footbridge in Blackheath. The precision placement was carried out in very gusty winds.

Project Summary

During the extreme bushfire event of the summer of 2019/20, a timber footbridge located on the Popes Glen walk experienced structural damage that has impacted the integrity of the bridge presenting possible risks to the public. RKR Engineering has been contracted by Blue Mountains City Council to supply, fabricate and install the new footbridge along the Popes Glen walking track in Blackheath.

Popes Glen Reserve is located in Blackheath NSW. Popes Glen walking track runs through the reserve, following Popes Glen Creek. Blue Mountains City Council manages the upper half of the reserve and walking track.

Helicopter Lift Details

The bridge was lifted using a UH1H (HUEY) helicopter. The helicopter lifts were completed in 3 lifts:
Lift 1 – 450kg –timber deck boards, loaded in bulka bag
Lift 2 – 1050kg – bridge structural steel & handrail, some timber boards, rigged off bridge steel
Lift 3 – Rubbish extraction

Helicopter Loading/Lifting Location
The helicopter was loaded at the NSW National Parks Depot at Blackheath.

Provision Of Riggers
Two riggers were provided by Helitreck. One rigger set up the sling and established the loads at the lifting location. The other rigger was at the installation location to safely land the loads and unsling.

Two-way radios were used for communication between the Helitreck pilot and the riggers.

Mission Timeframe
Safety briefing – 8:30am
First Lift – 9:30am
Mission Completion – 12:30pm
Duration – 4hrs

Special Thanks To
Alex Taylor – Project Engineer – RKR Engineering – www.rkre.com.au
Trish Kidd – Natural Areas Management Officer – www.bmcc.nsw.gov.au