Helitreck recently delivered a 1700 kg backup generator to a remote mobile phone and emergency services communications tower.

Project Summary
Helitreck helicopters have been busy helping telecommunications and emergency services organisations access remote sites where roads have been cut or damaged due to recent heavy rain and floods across the eastern states.

On this operation we delivered a 1700kg generator to ensure uninterrupted backup power would be supplied to an emergency services and communications tower during upgrades and repair works on the tower.

Helicopter Lift Details
This job was conducted on 2 different days due to the weather conditions.
– Day 1, Deliver the Generator to the staging area and remove from truck using the aircraft
– Day 2, Lift generator into position at the tower site using the heavy lift helicopter crane

Helicopter Crane Used 
The helicopter crane used for this lifting job Bell 214 heavy lift helicopter.

Helicopter Loading and Lifting Location
The generator was delivered to the staging area on table top truck, and rigged for the lift by our crew.

Provision of personnel / Load Masters / Crew
Three ground crew were required for this project.
One crew member set up the sling and established the loads at the staging area.
The other two were at the drop zone location to safely land the loads and unsling.

Two-way radios were used for communication between the Helitreck pilot and the ground crews.