Helitreck carried out the supply and delivery of fuel to a backup generator powering a mobile phone and emergency services communications tower.

Project Summary

Due to the recent heavy rain and floods across NSW and QLD, Helitreck helicopters have been busy supporting telecommunications and emergency services organisations with access to remote sites where access by road has been cut.

On this operation we supplied diesel fuel to a backup generator to ensure uninterrupted power would be supplied to emergency services communications networks over the busy Easter holiday period. The operation was conducted using a Kawasaki BK117 B2 twin engine helicopter.

Helicopter Lift Details
A total of 2 Personnel flights, and 3 helicopter crane lifts were required:

– Transport personnel to the tower location from the staging area ready to receive the fuel drums and refuel the generator tank
– Lift 1 – 450kg – Lift 400 Litres of diesel fuel from the staging area and drop at the tower
– Lift 2 – 650kg – Lift 600 Litres of diesel fuel from the staging area and drop at the tower
– Lift 3 – Remove empty drums and equipment from the tower site and return to the staging area
– Transport personnel from the tower location back to the staging area

The helicopter crane used for this lifting job was VH-FHB a Kawasaki BK 117 B2 Twin Engine Helicopter

Helicopter Loading and Lifting Location
The fuel was delivered to the staging area by 4WD, and the helicopter was loaded on site from a nearby property.

Provision Of Riggers
Two riggers were provided by Helitreck.
One rigger set up the sling and established the loads at the staging area.
The other rigger was at the drop zone location to safely receive the loads.

Two-way radios were used for communication between the Helitreck pilot and the riggers.